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Competitive Grants

1. AUTO HAZARD PRO: Automated Fire and Flood Hazard Protection System

2. FIREGUARD: Monitoring Forests at the Management Unit Level for Fire Prevention and Control

3. SITHON: Application and Evaluation of Telematics Methodology on Prompt Detection, Reporting and Monitoring of Forest Fires

4. INCENDI: Thematic Mapping for Forest Fires - Sensitization and Information of Students and the General Public

5. FULBRIGHT FOUNDATION: The Social Context of Forest Fire Management on the Islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos in Greece   

6. LATSIS FOUNDATION: Mapping and 3-D Visualization of Forest Fuels using High Resolution Satellite Images and Geo-Informatics Techniques for Fire Management

7. INFODIM: Integrated Fire Fighting Management System in the Mountainous Area of the Greek-Albanian Border

8. VIRTUAL FIRE: Web GIS Platform for Forest Fire Management based on MICROSOFT® Virtual EarthTM


9. VENUS-C: Virtual Multidisciplinary Environments Using Cloud Infrastructures

10. AEGIS: Wildfire Prevention and Management Information System



Applications & Outreach



Automated Hazard Protection

Fire Danger Rating

RAWS Network


Mytilene City Overflight

Vatera Fire Overflight

Maps of Lesvos Island
for Civil Protection

Maps of Chios Island
for Civil Protection

Maps of Samos Island
for Civil Protection

Maps of Ikaria Island
for Civil Protection

Map Booklets
for Fire Staff

Maps for Schools
& the Public

Greece on Fire

Aegean Wildfires

Catastrophes in Heritage

Environmental Education

GIS & Fire Training

Cartographic Modeling Course


Geoportal of Natural Disasters



Specialized Apparatus