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Dr. Kostas D. Kalabokidis is a Professor in Geography of Hazards and heads the Geography of Natural Disasters Laboratory at the University of the Aegean, Greece. He has been Research Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, USA, where he received his Ph.D. degree in Forest Fire Science and GIS. Kostas has 30 years of teaching and research experience, including an M.S. degree from the University of Montana, USA. His research resulted in more than 100 publications on fire ecology and management, environmental risk management, natural disasters, human-environment relations, spatial analysis and geo-informatics. Dr. Kalabokidis is principal investigator and partner in a number of international and national research projects, evaluator of European Union projects, and peer-reviewer in scientific journals. He has been a member of the International Association of Wildland Fire, the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece, and the Hellenic Forestry Society.

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Dr. Christos Vasilakos



Dr. Christos Vasilakos is a member of the Laboratory Teaching Staff at the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean. He is an Environmental Scientist and holds a Ph.D. in Fire Risk Assessment with GIS, Remote Sensing and Neural Networks. He has been teaching courses on Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics and Environmental Hazards at the Departments of Geography, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Cartography. He has participated in 8 research projects as a research scientist, while his research resulted in 18 publications in international and Greek scientific journals and conference proceedings. He has collaborated with the National Agricultural Research Foundation and National Observatory of Athens and he worked as a visiting scientist at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Germany and at Carlos III University of Madrid, Dept. of Computer Science in Spain. His research interests include Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Forest Fires, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing / HPC , Parallel Processing and Decision Support Systems.

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Dr. Olga Roussou  


Olga Roussou is a member of Laboratory Teaching Staff at the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean. She has a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Studies and a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of the Aegean. As a member of the GoND lab since 2002, she has been involved as researcher in national and EU-funded research projects on forest fires. Due to her participation in research projects, she has also a wide experience in project management. Her research interests include forest fuels, fire behavior modeling, 3D visualization, forest fire simulation, landscape fire management and spatial analysis.

Email: Olga Roussou

Dr. Nikos Athanasis


Nikos Athanasis is a PostDoc researcher in the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and an M.Sc. degree in Information Systems & Software Engineering, both from the University of Crete. His main research interests include information systems, geo-informatics in the Web (Web-GIS), Cloud computing, programming environments, development of graphical user interfaces, development of algorithms for data mining, mobile apps, spatial web databases, systems for spatial and temporal interaction, semantics, metadata management and geoportals.  

Email: Nikos Athanasis

Palaiologos Palaiologou


Palaiologos Palaiologou is a Ph.D. candidate in Geography of Natural Disasters at the University of the Aegean. He holds a B.Sc. diploma in Geography and an M.Sc. in "Geography and Applied Geo-Informatics", both from the University of the Aegean. As a member of the Geography of Natural Disasters lab since 2005, he has been involved as research assistant in a number of national and EU-funded research projects on forest fires and natural disasters; his main project tasks included Fire Behavior Modeling (with FARSITE, BehavePlus and FlamMap), Applied Forestry, GIS Analysis, Remote Sensing, Thematic Mapping, Fire Mitigation Procedures and Strategies, and Geographical Databases Development and Management. His research interests also include post-fire effects assessment, landscape fire management and GIS mapping for forestry and renewable energy sources applications; along with considerable experience on Remote Automatic Weather Station data, software and hardware operations.

Email: Palaiologos Palaiologou
Visiting Scholars

Prof. Martha Henderson

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Dr. Peter Moore Email: Peter Moore

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Dr. Barbara Morehouse  Email: Barbara Morehouse

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Prof. Evan Vlachos

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